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L2Figma Vote! High Five 0

  • Fecha agregada: 2022-11-07 15:10:39
  • Propietario: l2figma
  • sitio web:
  • Estado :
  • Idioma: English
  • Geolocalización: France
  • Plataforma / Tipo: L2J Normal
Las tasas del servidor
  • EXP: 8
  • SP: 8
  • DROP: 8
  • ADENA: 8
  • Safe enchant: 3
  • Max enchant: 16
Bueno saberlo
  • Tienda de GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Zona personalizada:
  • Arma personalizada:
  • Armadura personalizada:
  • Tienda offline:
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L2Figma HighFive 8x Server
GM Shop S Grade ALTB Buffs 2 hours
Grand Opening 9th November 2000 GMT 2
500 Rewards for Clan Sieges
Anti DDos
Strix Guard

General Rates
Adena x8
Drop Chance x8
Spoil Chance x8
Clan rep x1
Party XPSP x15
Raid Drop x2

VIP Rates
XPSP x11
Adena x10
Drop Chance x10
Weight Limit 50
Epaulettes x7
Craft Chance 3
Buff 2hours

Community Shop
Community Gatekeeper
Community Auction
Database Engine
Private House
Raid Boss Info
Symbol Manager
Donate Shop

Take a step back to a time when we were all very young and full of dreams and relive the experience as it was at the beginning
Create a hero from 5 original races and 31 classes and dive into a nostalgic hardcore level where the rewards can outweigh the risks
Experience the game as it was when hardcore meant something
Join our growing INTERNATIONAL community and compete against the biggest clans in the H5 community

Events Olympiad Games
Treasure Hunt
Capture the Flag
Last Hero

All Bosses Instances

Plus Features
Event System Rewards
Events designed to offer players fun and rewards
Shop Available in Comunity Board
Many events every 1 hour
Event Coin is tradable
PC Bang Points NPC Rewards

Vote System Rewards
Voting system rewards the player in a fair and balanced way
Shop Available in Comunity Board
Vote Coins are Tradable
Votes Available each 12 Hours
Vote buff with 20 chance as reward

Refined Jewels
Epic zone of Orfen and Core are flag zone
Rewards jewels S84 Armors and more
Need 2 Normal Jewels to exchange for 1 Refined Jewel
The exchange of this items will be available only on Saturdays in our Weekly Trader
Weekly Trader is a Npc thats will respawn in a random location

Premium Account
Premium buffs do not exist in this server
If you want to have cov 15 and resist 30 you have to create your own buffers or buy them from others Players
This will balance PvpFarmevents and the economy from players that sell this service
Custom Cloacks
Can be obtained in Donation store and use it from level 1 with NO GRADE PENALTY
Can be obtained at Visual dress Store for a lower price
Sex Changer
Name Changer
Color name Changer
Expands Slot inventory
More in game

Auto Farm
The autofarm is popup window that you can set your player to do auto farm for free for 4 hours
If autofarm ends after 4 hours you will be able to extend or to wait until next reset
Auto farm can be used only from 1 player per IPPC

Weekly Trader
Weekly Trader is a Npc that is going to respanw every Saturday from 2000 GMT 2 Server time
Weekly Trader will stay in server for 12 Hours
Weekly Trader is a balance npc that will just reduce the cost for some items in General Store and Donate Store
Items and their prices appear randomly
You are going to be able to exchange Refined Jewels only with this Npc
Custom Accesorys
Top High Life stones
Neolithic Crystals
Clan Items
Mount and Pets
Olympiad Weapons Best Prices
S Weapons Armors Jewels
Dynasty Weapons Armors Jewels
S84 Weapons
Raid Weapons with 5 to respawn in npc
Enchant ArmorsWeapons Grade CBA

Server Buffs
Buffs Dances Songs Prophecies 3rd Class
Duration 1 hours for Normal 2 hours for Premium
Total Buff slots 244 Divine Inspiration Needed
Buffs are available via Community board


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