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Master of Lineage 2 Vote! Fafurion12

  • Fecha agregada: 2009-07-04 08:20:24
  • Propietario: CostyKiller
  • sitio web:
  • Estado :
  • Idioma: English
  • Geolocalización: Romania
  • Plataforma / Tipo: L2J Normal
Las tasas del servidor
  • EXP: 20
  • SP: 20
  • DROP: 15
  • ADENA: 40
  • Safe enchant: 6
  • Max enchant: 25
Bueno saberlo
  • Tienda de GM:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Zona personalizada:
  • Arma personalizada:
  • Armadura personalizada:
  • Tienda offline:
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Master of Lineage 2 Server

Server Rates

XP 20x
SP 20x
Adena 40x
Drop 15x
Raid Drop 5x
Quest Drop 15x
Quest Reward 15x
Spoil 15x
Party XPSP Multiplier 25x
getting more XPSP when in party

Enchant Rates

Safe enchant 6 weapons 6 Armors 6 Jewels
Max enchant normal and blessed 16 Weapons 12 Armors and Jewels
Max enchant crystal 18 Weapons 14 Armors and Jewels
Max enchant in oly 6 Weapon 6 Armor 6 Jewels

Element chance 65
Normal enchant weapon armor jewelry 66
Blessed enchant weapon armor jewelry 85
Crystal enchant weapon armor jewelry 100

Server Info

Autolearn Skills till level 80
All skills 80 working FS
Life cystals needed for clan skills
Book of Giants needed to enchant skills
Buffs dances songs chants are 2hours duration
PlayerPet Scheme buffer
Vitality system
Hero Mobs
Offline tradeprivate creation
Event Shop
Donation Shop
Global Gatekeeper
Popup Class changer up to 3rd class
Free SubclassMax subclass level 85
Noblesse by QuestItem
Max adena 99 Billion
Weight limit 1000x
Increased inventorywarehouse slots 500300
Hellbound areas working
Four sepulchers working
Seven signs working
Freya Instance working
Delusion Chamber working
Olympiad every month
Siege every 2 weeks
1kk adena and DGrade Common Pack for each newbie player


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